Transport and Warehousing Services, Western Australia

Campbell Transport Offers Transport Services to Many Industries

Campbell Transport offers our clients a wide range of transport and freight services in Western Australia. These include general freight, bulk haulage and stock transport services, as well as warehouse facilities. We also offer localised storage and transportation services in the Port Hedland area, moving a variety of big or small items for customers in this area.

We have a diverse range of clients, allowing us to offer a certain flexibility in our services and offerings. Because of this, we can handle both normal and abnormal loads, the latter including loads that exceed normal weight, mass and height.

The company has been operating for over 20 years, resulting in extensive knowledge and expertise that we use to successfully complete every job. Our comprehensive range of professional and efficient commercial freight and logistics solutions, has made us one of the leading freight companies in Perth, and Western Australia.

Even as we grow and extend our services to other industries, we still offer a consistently excellent and positive customer experience to all of our valued clients. We believe that this, in addition to the reliability of our team members, allows us to provide a complete and holistic approach to freight transportation services.

Our bulk haulage services include the transportation of grains, fertilisers and lime. Because of this, we’re a great option for agricultural, mining and construction professionals. Using the latest innovations, we also safely transport livestock to local farmers in the Western Australia area. However, we offer plenty of transport options to many other industries. No matter your business, we can definitely help.

With Campbell Transport, freight tracking is easier than ever. We collect freight from our many clients and deliver it to a wide variety of destinations. Whether its sand, cement or sheep, we know that our clients may want to know the location of their freight at any given time. This is why each of our transport vehicles is fitted with a GPS system. Now tracking your freight from collection to delivery is made simple.

Campbell Transport will also gladly fulfil all of your business’s warehousing and distribution needs. This means that you’ll be able to store your goods safely and securely, and have them efficiently and professionally distributed from our Forrestdale & Port Hedland depot. As we’ve mentioned, we deliver to many locations within Western Australia, so we’ll certainly be able to assist your business!

Because of our flexibility, we have the ability to evolve and grow our offerings and services based on the ever-changing needs of our valued clients. We believe that this is a key factor in providing a high level of customer service. This level, and our commitment to overall service excellence, makes us the best choice for your freight transportation, storage and insurance needs in Western Australia.

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