Coastline Haulage: Heavy Haulage And Freight Coffs Harbour

Heavy Haulage And Freight in Coffs Harbour

Heavy Haulage And Freight


Coastline Haulage is the expert Heavy Haulage And Freight transport company between Sydney and Brisbane. With a large fleet of vehicles and daily transport trips from Coffs Harbour, we ensure your freight is well taken care of and arrives at its destination safely.

We understand the impact of delays because of late deliveries or when your goods sit needlessly on trucks. Our attention to detail ensures that your goods will arrive at the right place at the right time, minimising disruption to your business.

Experienced in both light and Heavy Haulage And Freight, our fleet of trucks is able to transport a variety of goods, such as machinery, floor tiles, gyprock, cement products, or recyclable waste items such as PET bottles, cardboard or bales of paper.

We also offer transport of smaller loads, or one-off deliveries, such as when purchasing an item online, with our trusted network of sub-contractors.

Coastline Haulage trucks are well-known by sight and reputation. Heavy Haulage And Freight

Heavy Haulage And Freight


Established in 1989, Coastline Haulage is a locally owned and operated Heavy Haulage And Freight out of Coffs Harbour, transporting freight between Brisbane and Sydney, and each suburb in between.

Our large fleet of vehicles, and our long-standing relationships with fixed sub-contractors, gives us the opportunity to handle all of your transport needs, from ongoing scheduled haulage to one-off deliveries. We go out of our way to do a great job for each and every client and hold ourselves to high standards to ensure we’re always exceeding expectations.

At Coastline Haulage, we have a commitment to our customers. Each shipment that we handle is treated with great care to ensure that you—or your customer—receive the shipment in the same condition as it was given to us in. This commitment reduces delays in your business, as there’s less wastage of supplies or need for replacing broken items.

We ensure the engines and mechanical aspects of our trucks are checked and maintained regularly to offer a dependable, safe and legally responsible service to our customers and the general public. This is a standard that we fiercely uphold, as we take a lot of pride in our fleet. Additionally, we believe that the better our trucks are looked after, the more reliable our service to our customers.

When on the highway, our trucks’ outstanding signature colour and immaculate presentation make us a well-known standout amongst other vehicles. Not only that, many of our trucks have won awards at shows we’ve attended.

For a quote on freight transport and haulage, contact us today.

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We are fully accredited in the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)–Mass Management Module, Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) and Maintenance. Our compliance number is NHVAS21053.

All of our vehicles over 4.5t GVM are compliant within the NHVAS, which is regulated by independent auditors and state-based government agencies. This system dictates our overall approach to vehicle maintenance.

This accreditation dictates a range of standards that our trucks need to meet in order to safely travel on the road. The accreditation standards require weight to be distributed evenly within the truck when filled, so as not to place unnecessary strain on suspension or braking systems. Maintaining these standards ensures our trucks are able to operate safely, and we make a point of meeting these standards in addition to completing regular, ongoing servicing and maintenance.


Heavy Haulage And Freight


Coastline Haulage has a large fleet of vehicles to transport a range of small, large, and unusually shaped items between Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs Harbour.

Our team can recommend the right truck to suit your transport needs, and we even have a team of sub-contractors for small or one-off deliveries.

For a quote on freight transport, call us today.


At Coastline Haulage, we pride ourselves on being able to transport just about anything for our customers, whether you’re receiving the goods or sending them. We’re committed to the equal, detailed care of each delivery, no matter how big or small the cargo.

Some of our deliveries have included a 4-litre drum of oil, 40-inch containers, forklifts and even excavators. Additionally, we’ve also delivered floor times, windows, church pews—even manchester and other soft furnishings.


Our fleet of trucks allows us to transport loads of any size along the eastern coast, including supplies for agricultural and rural businesses.

We transport a variety of agricultural products such as pest control supplies and machinery. Additionally, we frequently ship full loads of fertiliser from Queensland down into Wardell. This experience allows us to transport your rural supplies with ease, so call us today.


Coastline Haulage is able to deliver a wide range of building supplies directly to your worksite. These include flooring, gyprock sheeting, roofing materials, cement products and poles.

We’re also able to transport full truckloads of timber up to 12 meters long and loads of steel up to 9 meters. Whether you need supplies transported on a regular basis or a one-off delivery, we can get them to you safely and on time.


The team at Coastline Haulage is experienced in transporting a wide range of goods in any size or shape. In some cases, this includes one-off deliveries of special goods.

Our trucks are able to accommodate general freight such as cartons of wine, car wheels or tyres, kayaks, bulk mattresses, bundles of steel and even forklifts. Additionally, we’re able to transport packaging supplies such as rolls of bubble wrap or cardboard and polystyrene boxes, and waste product, such as bales of paper, cardboard, PET bottles and cans.

Additionally, we’re able to organise one-off pickup and delivery of items bought from eBay and Gray’s Online, and quote on this before purchase.

For a full quote on goods transport or one-off delivery, contact us today.


Based in Coffs Harbour, Coastline Haulage travels daily from Brisbane to Sydney. Our fleet of trucks is able to haul a variety of building supplies, rural equipment, and freight of any size or shape.

In addition to large cities, our team are also able to provide transport to and from a range of smaller and regional areas, such as:

  • Gold Coast
  • Coolangatta
  • Kingscliff
  • Kyogle
  • Ballina
  • Lismore
  • Yamba
  • Grafton
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Nambucca Heads
  • Kempsey
  • Port Macquarie
  • Taree
  • Forster
  • Newcastle
  • Maitland

Our team of trusted sub-contractors allows us to service all suburbs along the east coast. With pick-up and delivery services from our storage warehouse and depots, you can be sure your freight will arrive at its destination safely and undamaged.

Heavy Haulage And Freight


Our priority is to keep your goods safe while they’re in our care. If you’re unable to come collect straight away, or your freight isn’t immediately being moved on, we’ll take care of it at the secure Coastline Haulage warehouse in Coffs Harbour.

We can store large quantities of goods in the warehouse and ensure regular stock counts are performed. Additionally, we work out of 2 other depots along the coast, one in Rocklea, Queensland and the other in Wetherill Park, New South Wales. Using these depots allows us to better meet your needs when sending or receiving freight.


We transport freight locally and interstate for a variety of clients in a range of industries. The Coastline Haulage fleet of trucks can carry a range of light and heavy load types, from lengths of steel rod to truckloads of fertiliser, or even soft furnishings and manchester.

We can make regularly scheduled collections or deliveries for commercial customers, bringing you the right supplies on time or sending your goods out in the same state that we received them. Additionally, we’re able to offer one-off pick-up and delivery with our team of trusted sub-contractors.


Coastline Haulage has a large fleet of trucks to handle any freight request for our customers. Catering to a variety of industries, we travel between Brisbane and Sydney, making stops in Coffs Harbour and regional suburbs.

We can carry any shipment, regardless of unique or usual shape. Our trucks have transported goods such as forklifts, excavators, lengths of timber, and even kayaks or bulk packaging supplies. For a quote on freight transport, call us today.

Address: 7 Wingara Dr, Coffs Harbour, 2450, NSW, Australia


Phone: 02 6652 3755

Mobile: 0458 003 866

Heavy Haulage And Freight

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