K S Easter Transport

In the Easter family there are three generations of Kens in the trucking business, being Ken Senior, Ken Junior, and Ken Junior Junior (known as JJ), along with his brother Matthew, and maybe even a fourth generation with eight-year-old Ken 4 (known as Triple J or K4 by the drivers). And with an additional two sisters and two cousins still at school, the Easter family can certainly claim that trucking is in their blood. Ken Easter Senior had a small trucking business back in Newcastle when his son, Ken Easter Junior started his own trucking business from scratch in 1976. As his business in Newcastle grew, with trucks running mainly Sydney to Brisbane, Ken J looked at both ends of his truck routes to find a more suitable depot, and understandably picked sunny Brisbane in December 1988. After being invited to run with one of their drivers between Brisbane and Melbourne to have a decent trial of the company’s new Western Star 5800SS myself, I was able to spend time with Ken Easter Junior’s son, Ken JJ, now the company’s general manager, to learn more of the business and the fleet.    Ken JJ explains that, “Whilst growing up in … Continue reading K S Easter Transport